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    Watch the drama about the demise of Texas' first foreign-owned toll road.
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    Texans know what they like:

    There may be no such thing as a free ride, but that doesn’t mean Texas drivers can’t dream. According to a new study from Texas A&M Transportation Institute researchers, the state’s drivers would like more investment in everything from sequenced traffic lights.
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    The Pitfalls of P3s

    Randy Salzman's work is the most comprehensive look at the dangers of P3s to date. It's a must read for citizens and policymakers alike. Salzman’s entire expose on P3s in the June/July 2014 Issue of Thinking Highways.
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    Full Film Now Online!

    Truth Be Tolled is essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand how big money interests and government bureaucrats are hell bent on tolling Texas highways in spite of an overwhelming taxpayer opposition.
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Pass Through Financing

Pass Through Financing - Also known as shadow tolling in the toll road industry. A local entity, like a city and/or county, pays for the road project and the Department of Transportation pays the local entities back based on the number of cars that “pass through” equipment which counts the number of cars (basically like tolling). The problem with this approach is that local gvernment has to use its tax money, like property tax, to pay for improvements to STATE highways. We already pay numerous fees for highways, not the least of which is the gas tax. This is another way the State is abdicating its role and responsibility to build and maintain our State highways.