Fake toll road bills emailed to drivers across the nation

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Electronic tolling is rife for abuses like this one - erroneous bills by private companies phishing for quick cash by deceiving commuters into thinking they owe toll bills.

Fake toll road bills emailed to drivers across the nation
By Emily Foxhall
LA Times
July 16, 2014

Orange County switches to a cashless system on its network of toll roads, drivers across the nation have been receiving what is described as a phishing email saying that they owe fees for using the pay-to-drive highways.

Printed beneath a logo that mimics the E-ZPass design, the fraudulent email reads: "You have not paid for driving on a toll road. This invoice is sent repeatedly, please service your debt in the shortest possible time."

Toll road officials say this fraudulent email is being sent to drivers across the nation. (Transportation Corridor Agencies)

Neither the Transportation Corridor Agencies, which manages the Orange County toll road system, nor EZPass, which provides electronic tolling services on the East Coast, sent the email, according to statements from both entities.

The groups advise not opening or responding to the email.

Instead, they recommend that questions about an E-ZPass message be directed to E-ZPass customer service.

In California, FasTrak transponders are commonly used for toll collection.

The toll roads in Orange County stopped using toll booths and switched to a cashless system in May.

Commuters use either a transponder, which debits an established account, or pay online.