Austin's urban rail ballot measure lacks roads

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In fact, the $400 million in road projects that were later added to the measure, turned out to be roads already funded by TxDOT. So no new money on the table and most of them involve tolls.

Austin urban rail ballot item promises, but lacks, road money
By Ben Wear
American-Statesman Staff
August 6, 2014

The city of Austin in November would ask voters for authorization to issue bonds for $600 million for light rail, according to ballot language up for approval Thursday by the Austin City Council, while only promising additional funding for roads.

Business interests this summer have made it clear that their support for the overall program is contingent on $400 million in road funding, 40 percent of what the city plans to spend overall. But instead of including road bonds in the ballot language, city officials would make the rail bonds contingent on finding unspecified sources for road money.

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