Stop San Antonio freeways from falling under foreign control


Eye-popping 37 toll projects put into local MPO plan; 18 will put TX roads under foreign control!

Vote to adopt it is Monday, December 7.

EMAIL the MPO Board here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Urge them to...
1) REMOVE toll roads and CDAs (contracts that hand our TX roads to foreign toll operators in 50 yr sweetheart deals!) from its plans.
2) Use traditional gas tax funding NOT privatizing and tolling Texas roads as its source of funding for these projects.
3) NOT VOTE for ANY plan with toll projects and CDAs in it.

Sampling of the toll projects on the docket:
-Hwy 90 (from 410 to 211)
- I-10 (from 410 to Kendall County line)
- Loop 1604 (just about the entire loop, not just the north half)
- 281 (from 1604 to Comal County line)
- I-37 (from 410 south to Atascosa County line)
- Bandera Rd (from 410 to 1604 still appears despite amendment to remove it)
- interchange at I-10 & 1604
- interchange at 281 & 1604 (northbound ramps)
- interchange at 1604 & 151
- interchange at 1604 & 90
- interchange at 1604 & 1-35
- interchange at I-35 & 410
- Kelly Pkwy/Spur 371 (US 90 to SH 16)
- ALL of I-35 (from Atascosa to Comal County line)

For more info on these horrific sweetheart deals and runaway taxation at a cost of 75 cents PER MILE, go here.