Wentworth reacts to citizen outrage and amends bill to include SA roads


San Antonio, TX, Thursday, April 19, 2007
– In an amazing turn of events, Senator Jeff Wentworth responded quickly to the outrage that poured into his office since last night’s Transportation Committee hearing that took 281/1604 out of the CDA moratorium. In about 12 hours time, he changed his mind and introduced an amendment to INCLUDE 281 in the original moratorium bill, SB 1267. This move will effectively kill the 1604 deal as well. Since the two projects were linked by TxDOT, the package deal to hand over our public highways to a foreign company, Cintra, and San Antonio-based Zachry Construction, would no longer be able to move ahead as a CDA private toll project.
The San Antonio Toll Party anticipates that the same will occur when HB 1892 comes to a floor vote next week. While the moratorium hasn’t become law nor overcome a promised gubernatorial veto yet, the grassroots just completely changed the direction of this train.
“It’s so refreshing to return to citizen driven public policy in this State. For far too long our representatives haven’t represented us but those interests with the most money. I’ve long been confident that when you inform voters and they get engaged in the process, that citizens can take back their government one bill at a time,” reflected Terri Hall, Founder/Director of the San Antonio Toll Party who was present at yesterday’s hearing and witnessed what happened.
In fairness, the San Antonio Toll Party is asking supporters to call Senator Wentworth and thank him for changing his mind.
“We always make room for a politician to redeem himself,” remarked an elated Hall.
“We’re also grateful to Senators Uresti, Van De Putte, and Zaffirini who also supported the measure and for once again listening to and putting forward the best interests of Texans ahead of obscene private profiteering,” noted Hall.