SECRET briefing on toll rates for BIG BUSINESS before public gets access

SECRET briefing on toll rates for BIG BUSINESS before public gets access
Private meeting spurs citizens to get a briefing FIRST (TONIGHT @ 6 PM)!

San Antonio, TX, October 16, 2007 – As noted in a front page story in today’s San Antonio Express News, TURF was alerted to a SECRET meeting of a taxpayer-funded coalition of road contractors called the San Antonio Mobility Coalition this Friday, October 19.
The San Antonio Mobility Coalition, SAMCo, led by Joe Krier, will be hosting the meeting at the Valero campus. The SAMCo meeting was going to take place prior to even the PUBLIC getting access to toll tax information for Hwy 281 at Monday’s San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meeting October 22.
“Citizens have to take time off work and head downtown to a place where parking is scarce (MPO mtgs at Via) just to hear this information on their own dime, yet our public agencies bring this vital toll tax information right to the business community's doorstep while they're all on the clock (some of whom are on the taxpayer's dime, too!),” notes an outraged TURF’s Founder, Terri Hall.
“Just like TxDOT’s  taxpayer funded ad campaign to push toll roads, it seems there’s no line these agencies will not cross to get unfettered access to our wallets!” Hall said.

This secret meeting prompted citizens to get an advance briefing of their own tonight at the TURF Meeting.


What: San Antonio TURF Meeting
Where: Chester's Burgers at 16609 San Pedro Ave. (between 410 & 1604), San Antonio
WHEN: 6:00 PM

“Government ought to be operating without even the APPEARANCE of impropriety, this SAMCo meeting smacks of corporate cronyism and backroom deal-making which has become the norm with Perry and his highway department,” Hall voiced.
Not only will the highway lobby be treated to the potential pricetag road contractors can reap for tolling our public highways, the stated purpose of Friday’s meeting is to strategize on how to influence the upcoming MPO vote that must approve the toll rates to move forward. To quote SAMCO’s invitation:
“The purpose of the briefing is to provide:
1) An advance preview of the US 281 and Loop 1604 financial plans prior to these critical MPO meetings;
2) A forum to discuss cooperative action and joint strategy to support the financial plans and SMP amendments at the October 22 and December 3 MPO meetings.
3) Coordination of supportive resolutions, letters, emails, testimony, editorials, etc. prior to the final MPO votes.”