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    Abbott, state leaders increase fees, road debt & fail to restrain toll fines

    Leadership fails to protect drivers from fees increases, more road debtOuch! That’s likely the reaction of taxpayers now that the session is over and the damage to your pocketbook...
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    Harris County hatches plan to bypass state law, keep tolls in perpetuity

    This is a deliberate attempt to bypass state law and use toll revenues in any way the county wishes. This is why taxpayers need the protection of...
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    SH 130 Edition Trailer

    Watch the drama about the demise of Texas' first foreign-owned toll road.
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    Vision Zero: Houston's anti-car policies to force you out of your car and into transit

    This is the new frontier in road policy -- putting drivers on a 'road diet' as they do in leftist states like California and New York, to force people out of their cars...
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    Texans know what they like:

    There may be no such thing as a free ride, but that doesn’t mean Texas drivers can’t dream. According to a new study from Texas A&M Transportation Institute researchers, the state’s drivers would like more investment in everything from sequenced traffic lights.
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    The Pitfalls of P3s

    Randy Salzman's work is the most comprehensive look at the dangers of P3s to date. It's a must read for citizens and policymakers alike. Salzman’s entire expose on P3s in the June/July 2014 Issue of Thinking Highways.
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    Full Film Now Online!

    Truth Be Tolled is essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand how big money interests and government bureaucrats are hell bent on tolling Texas highways in spite of an overwhelming taxpayer opposition.
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Nearly half of all Texas legislators earn 'F' on Report Card for 87th session

'F' Bombshell: 49% of Texas legislature fails to protect taxpayers from tolls, fines, fee increases, & new debt

While we shared with you the good, the bad and ugly from the 87th regular session here
, TURF analyzed 15 bills that received record votes (both good and bad bills) to determine its  Report Card, and the results may shock you.

In 2017, 57% of lawmakers earned As & Bs, and in 2019, 19% of lawmakers hit that mark. So imagine our disappointment that in 2021 that number  dropped to just 8%.
In the Texas House,69 of the 150 members earned an 'F,'and 19 of 31 members of the Texas Senate got a failing grade.This is the first time since Lt Gov Dan Patrick took office that the senate scored worse than the House. Put another way,  46% of the House earned an 'F' while 61% of senators earned an 'F.'
Every member was forewarned before any record vote took place. So check out what grade your lawmakers earned and hold them accountable. With redistricting set to go into full swing on Monday as lawmakers are called back for a 3rd special session,  make sure they hear from you, and, if necessary, start looking for quality candidates. 

The stand-out anti-toll champions for the session are: Senator Bob Hall, Rep. Kyle Biedermann, Rep. Jeff Cason, Rep. Matt Schaefer, Rep. Bryan Slaton, Rep. Matt Shaheen and Rep. Valoree Swanson.