El Paso's pork: Stadium uses P3 to rip-off taxpayers

Link to blog on El Paso's P3 for its new baseball stadium here and here.

NOTE: This is a satirical blog, but highlights some of the anti-taxpayer aspects of this P3 the mainstream media neglects to report. See how this ballpark benefits the well-connected in the downtown El Paso's 'ballpork' graphic here.

Proposed Baseball Stadium/Corporate Welfare to Gives Local Tycoons Windfall in Many Ways
On top of $50 million to build stadium -- relocation, rehab, and rental cost estimated Over $85 million to relocate city services from City Hall
By Ann Morgan Lilly, El Paso City Representative
Deep Inside El Paso, blog
June 26, 2012
The recent proposed baseball stadium in Downtown El Paso is on route to be a double windfall for local billionaires and millionaires.
The City of El Paso will vote on Tuesday, June 26 on whether to demolish the current City Hall building and Insights Museum to build a baseball stadium.

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Public-Private Partnerships Now Available to People with Incomes Under 1 Billion Dollars
El Paso City Representatives Announce Eligible Scum of the Street
By Satira Sinvergueza
Deep Inside El Paso, blog
At a news conference this afternoon, City Representative and future El Paso Mayor Steve Ortega, Representatives Cortney Niland, Michael Noe, Ann Morgan Lily, and City Manager Joyce Wilson announced that public-private partnerships will now be available to the 99%.
Previously, public-private partnerships were only open to El Pasoeans with income of 1 billion dollars or more, but Ortega says, “we are now opening the doors to the peasants.”
“Those people will now be allowed to create partnerships with the City of El Paso,” said Rep. Ann Morgan Lily.

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