URGENT ACTION ALERT: Stop the Mileage Tax & Get Cap on Toll Fines/Fees

(Two bills below, critical you complete all action items, scroll down all the way to the bottom of this post)


Call Lt Gov & your State Senator
NOW  to
STOP  HB 3418
DO NOT unleash a toll for every mile you drive!
>> Call Lt Gov  Dan Patrick  at (512) 463-0001 and ask him  NOT  to bring  HB 3418, the  mileage tax bill, to the floor for a vote. Be respectful, but firm -encourage  him to work with us.
>>Then, call  YOUR state senator  and ask them to vote  'No' on HB 3418  if it comes to the floor.
(Switchboard is 512-463-4630 & is open 8 AM - 5 PM or look up your state senator's office phone  here. To find our who represents you, go  here.)
(If their voicemail is full, call their district office!)
HB 3418  (Canales) - 'Study' of how to impose a mileage tax on Texas drivers.
While they claim this is ‘just a study,' the bill establishes a ‘task force’ to study replacing the state gas tax with a mileage tax: “The department shall submit to the legislature a report summarizing the results of the pilot program, including: (1) the feasibility of permanently assessing a vehicle mileage user fee.” 
It seeks funding for the pilot from Biden’s infrastructure bill, which has plenty of strings attached. Texas already studied a mileage tax in 2010, so why do it again? Because this time it's about imposing a radical climate agenda through a mileage tracking system that will DESTROY  the middle class. 
(regardless of when or how it's implemented)
The GOP Platform has a plank opposing a mileage tax (plank #63). 
The original filed version directed TxDOT to: ‘vary pricing based on the time of driving, type of public highwayproximity to transit, vehicle fuel efficiencyparticipation in car-sharing or pooling, or the  income of the operator.’
They will charge those they determine can pay more a  HIGHER  mileage tax!
The bill was changed slightly to get it out of committee, but the intent is clear. Don’t fall for the changes. There can be no doubt where this is headed - TOTAL CONTROL OVER YOUR FREEDOM TO TRAVEL  and implementing a radical climate agenda and socialism through a mileage tracking system!
Now the bill will measure mileage based on...
‘…variety of vehicle-mileage-counting strategies, including odometer readings, tests ease of use, cost, and public acceptance of technology and methods for: counting the number of miles traveled by motor vehicles; reporting the number of miles traveled by particular vehicles; and vary pricing based on the time  of driving and type of public highway; and evaluate: the enforceability of the vehicle mileage user fee and opportunities for operators to evade or manipulate the fee; and the impact of the vehicle mileage user fee on equity.'
'The department shall submit to the legislature a report including: the feasibility of permanently assessing a vehicle mileage user fee; an evaluation of the impacts of a vehicle mileage user fee on the economy, the environment, and traffic congestion; and the department's recommendations together with suggested  legislation necessary to implement the recommendations.'
That word 'congestion' confirms the intent is to charge more during congested times of the day, how fuel efficient your car is (who drives older cars? Poorer drivers), and impact to the environment (fossil fuel cars will pay more). 
Read our Op/Ed on how the radical climate agenda is passing in Republican House here.

ITEM #2-
HB 2170  (Guerra) - To force toll agencies to  immediately notify drivers if there's a problem with their payment card  (incredibly, this is not common practice, they hold back informing drivers so they can soak you with fines).
We have  ONE  chance left at getting some of our toll billing reform passed by amending  HB 2170  to cap the fines and fees at $48/year. HB 2170 already passed the House, but he refused to work with our bill author, Rep.  Brian Harrison  to cap the toll fines/fees via an amendment. It's being heard in the  Senate Transportation Committee Wednesday. He's still refusing to accept our amendment.
It's time for him to feel the pressure.
Democrats love to talk about how they're for the little guy, yet we can't get a Democrat to cap the crushing toll fines/fees being tacked onto drivers' toll bills, many times without their knowledge or in error?
What's wrong with this picture?
Rep. Guerra should be  all in  on truly giving drivers  relief from the punitive toll fines/fees that cause a $20 toll bill to mushroom into  thousands of dollars owed  - putting timely payment  out of reach  for most working families.
>>  Call Rep.Bobby Guerra, author of HB 2170, and ask him to accept an amendment to  cap toll fines/fees at $48/yr  and  remove the criminal penalty  for unpaid toll bills at (512) 463-0578. If it's busy and can't take messages, call his district office at (956) 292-0407.
Remember to be polite, we're  ENCOURAGING  him to work with us, not push him away.
FYI, last time this came to the floor of the House as an amendment,  it passed 136-3  (see the record vote on  amendment #39 here). So what's the hesitation? It's wildly popular with both parties.
Let's get these desperately needed toll billing reforms across the finish line!