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How to Keep Anti-toll Planks in Platform Plan to Attend Your Precinct Convention

Typically held on election night, which this year is March 5, 2024, both political parties host what's called a precinct convention at your polling location, as soon as the polls close at 7 PM. (NOTE: However, some counties do it on a different day. Please check your county party website to verify date, times)

This is where each party selects potential delegates to advance to each party's State Convention.
Also, attendees can propose resolutions to advance to one's Senate District Conventions that take place later in March. If the resolutions are adopted at the Senate District level, those resolutions advance up to the State Convention, where they will be considered by the State Platform Committee. Even if you can’t serve as a state delegate, do your best to get our anti-toll resolutions passed at the precinct and Senate District Convention levels to ensure your success at the state level.

A delegate has a much better chance of having their resolution make it into each party's platform if it advances from the precinct and Senate District level.

For 2024, the State GOP Convention is May 20-25, 2024 in San Antonio, and the State Democratic Party Convention is June 6-8, 2024 in El Paso.

Resolution: Opposing Kill Switch Mandate in Biden Infrastructure Bill (PDF)

Resolution: Preserving the existing platform on transportation and toll roads (PDF)
NOTE: We included consumer protection because it relates to needed toll collection and billing reform.

Resolution: Opposing Climate Mandates that Restrict Transportation (PDF)

What's in your current party platform? (PDF) covers both party platforms

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