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Our toll collection reform bill, HB 3314, will be up for a hearing next Tuesday, April 20 in the House Transportation Committee. It meets Tuesday, April 20 at 2 PM (or upon the House adjourning from their floor session). We don’t know which room until Thursday due to them moving committees around a bunch due to social distancing. You can look it up online or it’s posted around the capitol each day. We’ll keep you posted.

Our contact at the hearing will be Terri Hall, Director of Texans for Toll-free Highways. Call or text her at (210) 275-0640 (texting is preferred since cell service inside the capitol is poor). Please let her know if you plan to attend and if you’d like to testify. Even if you do not wish to testify, we need people to register in favor and bodies in seats to show support! Parking available at capitol visitor parking garage on San Jacinto between 12th and 13th Streets or at Texas History Museum at 18th and Congress.

Local Planners Pushing Expansion of 1604 Without Toll Lanes

The Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization, the body created by the Legislature to guide transportation planning in the San Antonio area, is moving forward with a plan to construct the long-awaited expansion of Loop 1604 on San Antonio's north side without resorting to toll lanes, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

MPO Chair Kevin Wolff told News Radio 1200 WOAI and KLRN-TV's 'On the Record' that he is pushing for a vote of the MPO to change direction on the long awaited project.

"We will essentially be passing a resolution asking TxDOT and the Texas Transportation Commission to, instead of doing 1604 as a toll, give us the $500 million needed to complete that project, which is our most congested portion in the entire county, from Bandera Rd. to I-35," Wolff said.

IMPORTANT Public Hearings for Hill Country!


Developers want to steal land in Boerne & Bandera so they can develop protected lands in San Antonio
Developers in the San Antonio area are up to no good AGAIN.

Due to the Endangered Species Act, developers cannot develop anymore land in certain parts of San Antonio due to it being the habitat of federally protected species. So rather than move their developments elsewhere, they're on the march to heist land from other private landowners in surrounding counties as a way to re-locate the 'habitat' further away. One of the proposed plans would require 3 acres of private property in the outlying counties for every one acre developed in a designated habitat in San Antonio (Bexar County).

So Bexar County and City of San Antonio is seeking approval for its Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and is seeking an Incidental Take Permit (to STEAL private property). Public input is ESSENTIAL TO STOPPING THIS LAND GRAB!

SAN ANTONIO: PUBLIC HEARING for I-35 toll project

Plan to attend and submit public comment

TxDOT is holding an important public hearing on Thursday, February 26 to solicit public feedback on the proposed elevated toll 'managed lanes' on IH-35 from IH-410 to Schertz.

If you don't want to pay 50 cents a mile to travel on this vital interstate, show-up and BE HEARD! Even if you never take the toll road, your tax money will build it and bail it out and trucks will pass their toll costs onto YOU through a higher cost of goods. The current MPO plan has I-35 marked for a public private partnership. Cintra is already heavily lobbying to snag this vital interstate - the biggest FREE competition near its failing SH 130 tollway  - allowing Cintra to control all routes north-south in Central Texas!

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