Mica flip flops on tolls now that they're coming to a road near him

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This is incredible, Mica never saw a toll road he didn’t like when leader of the House Transportation Subcommittee, now that one has come knocking in his backyard and voters are angry, he says he won’t allow tolls on one inch of interstates. How convenient, after his policies have wreaked havoc on millions of American motorists!

U.S. Rep. Mica: Adding tolls to I-4 would be double-dipping on taxpayers
News 13.com
May 6, 2014

Toll roads could be added to I-4 under a proposed plan, but U.S. Rep. John Mica promises to take on the White House over the issue.

"I will not let them impose tolls in Central Florida or on 1 inch of interstates in America," Mica said.

The White House announced a plan to let states decide whether to turn interstates into toll roads. Toll revenue could be used to repair highways, but Mica said that's essentially double-dipping on taxpayers.

"People have already paid for those roads, and we need to keep it a national interstate system and not a series of toll roads," he said.

The White House's idea is different from a separate plan to add toll lanes to I-4 where drivers would only pay if they drove in those lanes.

However, according to an article from July of 2011, Mica does support that separate plan. He explained back then that the gas tax, which is normally used to pay for roads, is not bringing in enough money to pay for roads across the country.