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Freedom to travel takes center stage at 2022 GOP Convention

Link to Texas Tribune article here.

GOP takes aim at Biden Infra Bill and Green Energy attacks on drivers

By Terri Hall
June 23, 2022

TheTexas GOP State Convention  has made plenty of news since it wrapped up over the weekend, and one of the new planks we worked hard to get regarding  freedom to travel took center stage, at least according to the press coverage.
As tolls have largely been put on hold by Abbott for now, attention has turned to other major impediments to our freedom to get around by car.
The push for social justice and equity in Texas road policy was very visible last legislative session, enough that all of our time and resources went to  stopping a slew of BAD bills(scroll down to 'Anti-car Initiatives' under  'Grassroots Action Center' tab, under 'Session Resources'), rather than getting our last two BIG pieces of toll reform passed.
Platform successes
First, we submitted proposed changes to our strong anti-toll plank, seeking to streamline and shorten it a bit, since length has become an issue across the board with the GOP platform. The subcommittee on  Business, Commerce, and Transportation  accepted our changes and then we moved on to seeking to add our new plank regarding freedom to travel that also takes aim against the  Biden federal mileage tax scheme  (which is effectively a toll charged for every mile you drive).  Can you imagine the cost to drive paying these gas prices PLUS a charge for every mile driven?
A huge shout out to Subcommittee Chair  Tom Glass for his help in defending our planks before his committee once the public comment period had expired. Thank you, Tom! You made all the difference!
The new plank is...
Plank 63 - Freedom to Travel:We oppose the Biden Infrastructure and Green Energy Plan that threatens our freedom to travel,  imposes a federal mileage tax, as well as  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) or other social justice policieson Texas taxpayers and drivers. We oppose anti-car measures that punish those who choose to travel alone in their own personal vehicle, and oppose any measure to impose “road diet” mandates  designed to shrink auto capacity and/or intentionally clog vehicle lanes  to force deference to pedestrian, bike, and mass transit options (whose users do not pay gas tax).  We urge the Texas Legislature to protect drivers from these California-style, anti-driver policies in Texas.
Also check out  Plank #65(on toll roads) &  #80(on truth in taxation as it pertains to gas tax)  here.

Right out of the anti-car playbook, downtown Houston streets demonstrated what we don't want - light rail, bike and bus lanes taking up all the room, leaving cars just one (sometimes two) lane(s) each direction, clogging our roads & making it near impossible to turn left or right.
TTH Founder,Terri Hall , testifying before the Platform Committee. Hall also testified before the Legislative Priorities Committee, and Subcommittee on Business, Commerce, & Transportation. She also addressed the convention floor with 5,000 delegates to preserve the legislative priorities decided in committee.
Terri Hall  with newly elected Texas State Rep.  Mark Dorazio  from San Antonio. Finally someone from Dist. 122 who will help us defend travel freedom and oppose toll roads!
Two of our biggest anti-toll champions - Texas State Senators,Bob Hall (pictured above with his wife  Kay), and  Lois Kolkhorst  (pictured with TTH Founder,  Terri Hall).
Though he didn't win the Republican primary for Governor, long-time anti-toll champion, former State Senator Don Huffines (pictured above with  Roger  &  Terri Hall ), launched the  Huffines Liberty Foundation  to hold our elected officials accountable to the platform.
Two more long-time anti-toll champions, Congressman  Chip Roy (representing CD-21 - San Antonio & Texas Hill Country) with former State Rep. and current GOP Party Chair  Matt Rinaldi  addressed the grassroots at the  Texas Freedom Caucus  gathering.