Citizen Lobby Day 2013

TURF Thanks You! We had great participation in the Citizen Lobby Day @ the Capitol

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Texas State Capitol - Austin, TXTuesday, March 12, 2013 - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Location: Texas State Capitol
Address: 1100 Congress Avenue
              Austin, TX 78701
             (meet on the South Capitol steps)

Gathering on South Capitol stepsYour freedom to travel is at risk!

Concerned citizens from across the state will gather in Austin to interact with lawmakers on transportation-related issues. We’ve seen a massive increase in our cost to drive through tolls, handing control of our public roads to private foreign corporations, and  unsustainable debt sweep the state, with more to come unless we make our voices heard.

This is a day when CITIZEN lobbyists come to the Capitol to advocate on what matters to grassroots Texans -- like getting an affordable, pro-taxpayer transportation policy in place.

We have lots of activities planned:
  • a press conference,
  • have our group recognized from the House and Senate floor,
  • attend key committee hearings,
  • visit offices and speak to legislators,
  • lawmakers address TURF group in special Q&A.
Be prepared...
  • The public parking garage east of the Capitol is at 12th Street and San Jacinto. If that garage is full another is located north of the Capitol at 18th Street and Congress at the Texas History Museum. Both cost $8/day.
  • Bring money for lunch in the Capitol Grill
  • Bring a notebook to take notes (optional). Fliers, maps and materials supplied by TURF.
  • T-shirts with our message will be available.

Citizen lobyists being orientedWe need a HUGE crowd to show up to talk to legislators about transportation. There are already some very bad proposals being pushed by the leadership (more debt, more tolls), and without a grassroots revolt, it'll sail through without a whimper of opposition. Plan to come and have others join you.

If you're interested in coordinating a carpool,
contact Terri Hall or call (210) 275-0640.