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    TxDOT ends agreement with private company overseeing Highway 288 toll lanes

    ABC13 Houston
    March 30, 2024

    The Texas Department of Transportation is moving forward with a plan to end its agreement with the private company that oversees the toll lanes on Highway 288. So what does that mean for you?

    The question is: When the state takes over the tollway, could you get a better deal or wind up paying even more?

    TxDOT says it's too early to say. That's not necessarily the answer drivers want to hear while this is getting sorted out.

    "[The drive is about] $17, $18 one way," Darren Dixon, the owner of a BBQ restaurant right next to Highway 288, said.

    Dixon drives the toll road daily.

    "I do it every day, back and forth," he said.

    For Dixon and other drivers, a toll decrease would sure be welcome.

    "It's the most expensive toll road in the area," Shelly Nixon, another driver, said. "It's so expensive. Surely they can make money and save us money at the same time."