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    Federal ban on new gas-powered cars? Buttigieg is 'really interested' in California's new regulation

    By Chris Enloe
    The Blaze

    Could the federal government impose a ban on new gas-powered cars

    What did California do?

    In late August, the California Air Resources Board approved a new rule banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

    The regulation does not ban Californians from driving vehicles with internal combustion engines, but it mandates that any new vehicle sold in the state with a model year of 2035 or later must be free of fossil fuel emissions.

    What did Buttigieg say?

    The transportation secretary told KTTV-TV last week that he is "really interested" in regulations like those in California. In fact, Buttigieg suggested such a policy may be considered nationally.

    "It’s interesting to see how the states are trying to go above and beyond what we’re doing at the federal level," Buttigieg told the news station.

    "I’m really interested in these developments, while we continue to set a national policy that’s the baseline for all of this. We need to move in the direction of electric vehicles," he added.