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    GOP takes aim at Biden Infra Bill and Green Energy attacks on drivers

    By Terri Hall
    June 23, 2022

    TheTexas GOP State Convention has made plenty of news since it wrapped up over the weekend, and one of the new planks we worked hard to get regarding freedom to travel took center stage,at least according to the press coverage.
    As tolls have largely been put on hold by Abbott for now, attention has turned to other major impediments to our freedom to get around by car.
    The push for social justice and equity in Texas road policy was very visible last legislative session, enough that all of our time and resources went to stopping a slew of BAD bills(scroll down to 'Anti-car Initiatives' under  'Grassroots Action Center' tab, under 'Session Resources'), rather than getting our last two BIG pieces of toll reform passed.
    Platform successes
    First, we submitted proposed changes to our strong anti-toll plank, seeking to streamline and shorten it a bit, since length has become an issue across the board with the GOP platform. The subcommittee on Business, Commerce, and Transportation accepted our changes and then we moved on to seeking to add our new plank regarding freedom to travel that also takes aim against the Biden federal mileage tax scheme (which is effectively a toll charged for every mile you drive). Can you imagine the cost to drive paying these gas prices PLUS a charge for every mile driven?
    A huge shout out to Subcommittee Chair  Tom Glass for his help in defending our planks before his committee once the public comment period had expired. Thank you, Tom! You made all the difference!
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    Electric Car Drivers: Why You Might Not Be Pumped Over Privacy-Jolting Mileage Taxes

    By Eric Felten
    Epoch Times
    August 3, 2022

    The environmental impact of electric cars may still be unknown, but leaders are growing concerned about the threat they pose to the financing of the nation’s highway system. Because freeways and bridges are funded, in large part, through federal and state taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, the battery-powered future will test whether roads can just be paved with good intentions.

    Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are trying to devise new ways to raise that fuel tax revenue, which in fiscal year 2020 delivered $35 billion to the federal government and an additional $51 billion to state and local governments. But experts say that proposed fixes to the anticipated highway funding shortfall—involving charging drivers for the miles they travel by tracking their movement—pose a significant threat to personal privacy and liberty.