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  • Unexpected delay by Commission puts non-toll fix to LBJ E in Dallas on hold
    By JoAnn Fleming and Terri Hall
    January 25, 2018

    A showdown was expected at today’s Texas Transportation Commission meeting over Interstate-635 E as elected officials seeking to make good on their campaign promises to end tolls were butting heads with transportation interests seeking to lobby for more tolls. Thanks to the tireless work of Senator Bob Hall who had brought the various factions together, all the players from across the spectrum had agreed to advance a non-toll expansion of Interstate-635 E (from US-75 to Interstate 30) without tolls, sidelining tolled express lanes in accordance with the policy of Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick,who recently pulled the plug on future toll roads in response to grassroots pressure. The non-toll plan is what appeared on today’s agenda.

    However, to everyone’s surprise, Chairman Bruce Bugg announced that he would delay action on the project. He referred to a $1 billion funding gap between the old toll plan and the newly brokered non-toll version, but Transportation Director of the Regional Transportation Council Michael Morris very articulately begged to differ.

    Morris laid out several scenarios of how the non-toll freeway expansion was fully funded and how it could move forward today without further delay. Even the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Deputy Executive Director Marc Williams testified the non-toll project was, in fact, ‘fiscally constrained,’ which means fully funded.
    Grassroots Coalition Issues Strong Support 
    for Abbott’s I-35 Non-toll Expansion
    “Special interests plan to stall I-35 expansion to set Governor Abbott up
    to break his no-toll promise to the people of Texas!”
    (March 24, 2020— Austin, Texas)Today, Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition leaders from Grassroots America - We the People PAC, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF), and Texans for Toll-free Highways released a statementstrongly supporting Governor Greg Abbott and his Texas Transportation Commission’s decision tofully fund the Interstate-35 expansion through downtown Austinasnon-toll.The Coalition noted the Commission has prioritizedexistingfunding to get this major project underwaywithout adding to the tax burden of working families
    Background:JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director of Grassroots America stated, “During his first gubernatorial campaign and throughout his administration,Governor Abbott consistently promisedto fix state transportation woes without raising taxes, fees, debt, or tolls, and that’s precisely why164 grassroots conservative political opinion leaders – influencers – representing 133 unique groups and districts across Texas– are supporting Abbott’s non-toll I-35 Expansion, which includes 12 segments on the state’s 100Most Congested Roads List for 2019For Governor Abbott, it’s simply a matter of ‘Promises Made – Promises Kept.’ Now that state leaders are admitting the 87thlegislative session budget process will be a painful nightmare with unfolding economic hits from the coronavirus pandemic and oil price collapse, we are stepping forwardnowto have the Governor’s back.”

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