Remote kill switches really about taking your car
Biden’s Move to Put Kill Switches in Cars Tied to Global Agenda
Did you know roads are ‘racist' to our Secretary of Transportation?
Buttigieg: 'Roads are racist' plan to use road funding to make amends for past
Journalist spends more time charging EV than sleeping
Anti-car policy is now in fashion with policymakers, but not with most drivers, especially not this journalist...
Mileage tax means tracking your every move, using carbon footprint against you
How a mileage tax in the Biden federal highway bill could mean tracking your every move, not to mention the equivalent of a toll for every mile you drive.

Voter Guide

  • Who are the anti-toll candidates?
    Texas TURFandTexans for Toll-free Highwaysreleased its run-off Voter Guide for thePRIMARY run-offelection. Generally speaking, the current leadership of this state has blocked our reforms for far too long. Incumbents (with rare exceptions) have had their chance to perform and get the job done. We're tired of excuses and delays.Taxpayers/drivers need relief NOWand they're not getting it.
    All candidates are welcome to fill out the TURF candidate survey, appear in theTURF Voter Guide, sign our anti-toll pledge, and be considered for a Texans for Toll-free Highways PAC, endorsement.
    See our Run-Off Voter GuideHERE.