CDA – Comprehensive Development Agreement, known as public private partnerships (or PPPs) outside Texas, that amount to selling control of our public assets to private, particularly foreign, companies for 40-99 years. Private companies are essentially given the power the tax with published toll rates in DFW at 75 cents PER MILE and the private entities are GUARANTEED annual profits. The private entities also gain control of the non-toll lanes surrounding the tollways (& limit expansion of free roads, slow speed limits or increase time at traffic signals) to ensure they make enough profit from the toll roads. The word PUBLIC in public private partnerships is the operative term since massive public money (including gas taxes) and low interest, tax-free loans backed by the taxpayers are given to the private operators, with deals structured so the taxpayer loans get paid back LAST. PPPs are tantamount to public money for private profits.

It isn’t enough for these highway interests to just bid to build the roads, now they want to control them and exclusively profit off of the taxpayers for up to 99 years per contract through a government controlled monopoly!