Trans Texas Corridor (TTC)

Trans Texas Corridor or (TTC) - a superhighway that's a 4,000 mile network of toll roads (auto and truck lanes), railway and utility lines, that will take an estimated 580,000 acres of private Texans' land that was promised NOT to use taxpayer money but the State Auditor uncovered that it could cost taxpayers up to $18 billion. It was originally to be funded using a CDA, also known as a public-private partnership, with a private foreign company from Spain, Cintra (along with San Antonio-based Zachry, its minority partner), winning the rights to develop the first leg of the project that parallells I-35. Cintra is supposed to front the cash to build it in exchange for collecting tolls for 50 years on 5-6 segments. Michael Stevens, the co-author of the Governor's Business Council report done by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M, determined that the TTC WOULD NOT relieve ANY congestion in urban admission that blasts a hole right through the primary stated purpose for this boondoggle.

The TTC is part of the NAFTA superhighways that are to provide new trade corridors to transport Chinese goods into the United States, and it is also part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, which is a primary step in the economic integration of North America into a North American Union.