Wolff flip flops & says: 'You can fry me for it later'

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--See it unfold, Wolff flip flops in a matter of 10 days

After authoring a resolution that passed March 26, 2012, to specifically add NEW non-toll capacity (both main lanes and frontage roads) to 281, County Commissioner Kevin Wolff who continued to push for non-toll only just days before this June 25 vote, flip flops and votes to include transit toll lanes on 281 -- lanes that will be 100% paid for with tax money. To charge drivers tolls to use lanes that are paid for is a MASSIVE DOUBLE TAX in perpetuity!

Government social engineering to change driver behavior
TxDOT District Engineer Mario Medina specifically testifies that the purpose of the transit toll lanes is to keep buses on schedule and the toll helps that so people don't use it and 'jam it up.' County Judge Nelson Wolff also says: "If someone chooses to not carpool, chooses to ride by themselves, chooses to waste their gas, choose to do all those things, then damn it, they probably ought to pay... if they can't get on a bus or can't carpool, well then, don't get in the toll lane."

(Contains clips of several MPO meetings, the Commissioners Court, the Transportation Commission Thursday, June 28, etc.)

This montage, while not completely chronological, shows the actions of these governmental bodies that are not being transparent to the citizens they represent. In fact, those that are not following these events closely are often confused by all the back and forth, and when a politician promises one thing then pursues and votes for another, that betrayal of those that put him there is even greater.

View the slides from June 25 TxDOT presentation

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