MPO Presentation from June 25

On March 26, the MPO passed a resolution to expand segments of 281 & 1604 WITHOUT TOLLS. Yet TxDOT came back with a financing proposal that still included tolls. TxDOT presented various versions of a proposed hybrid financing plan for 281 & 1604 to the board on June 4 and again on June 15.

Changes were made to this proposal between the June 4 & June 15 MPO meetings and its June 25 meeting. In fact, changes were made to the proposal over the weekend prior to its Monday, June 25 meeting (which was less than the 72 hours notice required by law) without notifying the board until they walked into the meeting June 25. The final proposal adopted June 25 takes an existing main lane on 281 and converts it into a bus-toll lane ('transit priority lane'). The dedicated bus lanes were never discussed prior to the meeting.

Wolff flip flops & says: 'You can fry me for it later'


-- Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff calls for a vote to include toll 'transit' lanes on 281, supports same plan Larson initially did


This is why elections matter. After winning re-election for another 4 years in May (he had no opponent), Wolff feels insulated from the voters (as if we'll ever forget paying tolls in perpetuity). He needs to feel the heat NOW!

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