Prop 9 - DEFEATED on Nov 8, 2005

Prop 9 - DEFEATED on Nov 8 ballot - Proposition 9 would have allowed unelected, unaccountable Tolling Authority board members to have extended term limits. Current 2 year term limits would have expanded to 6 years for Regional Mobility Authorities. These appointed people are allowed to privatize and toll our freeways - they will set the toll rates for roads we’ve already paid for.__A two-year term of office requires more frequent assessments of the board members job performance. Six-year terms are not necessary to carry out the functions of the authority since the staff or employees of an authority would do so regardless of the length of the directors’ terms.__Comptroller of Texas has reported the RMAs create “Double taxation without accountability”, and that the RMA’s loose management practices cost all Texans more. NOT surprisingly, Comptroller also found favoritism and self-enrichment as board members gave contracts (without bids) to their friends and their own companies. RMA boards will now be required to abide by the standard provided in the Constitution that limits the terms of members of such boards to two years.